As frost was forecast to hit the UK this week, ice was no problem for this polar bear cub

and his mother as they larked about on the frozen water, skidding about, then jumping in the icy waters.
The youngster had been taken to the coast by his mother just as the sea began to freeze. Fascinated by the holes in the newly forming ice he leapt in and out of the water.

Slip-sliding away: The polar bears appear to be making the most of the slippy ice

polar bears
Whoops: The baby polar bear falls into the feezing water as his bemused mother looks on

And she was happy to oblige, also teaching her son how to slide on the newly formed ice.
Flat on their backs the pair waved their impressive paws in the air as they skidded on the make-shift ice rink.
Wildlife photographer Steven J Kazlowski was lucky enough to capture the moment off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, America.