The manufacturing steps.

Surface Mount Device (SMD) Line.

Spread on thermal compound

LED board assembly with power wires attached. The board assembly is built on a 1.6-2mm thick aluminum backed PCB.

Assembly with lens cover.

Power connector board

Power connector board fixed in place with adhesive

Shell assembly.

Shell locked in place with screws

Wiring assembly for plug socket.

Wires for the bulb socket are attached and soldered in place.

Soldering wires to the bulb socket

Burn in test for 30 minutes.

High voltage leakage and breakdown test.

Power consumption and power factor test

Crimp metal socket base in place.

Applying external safety labels.
Inking on bulb information

LED light cover assembly

Screw and glue cover assembly in place

Affixing bar code

Once over check.

Packing into individual boxes.